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Greece WW2 Star Land Operations North Africa Aegean Italy Military Medal WWII 1940 1945 Decoration Greek


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GREECE: WW2 Commemorative medal, Star for the Land Operations 
1941- 1945, in Northern Africa, the Aegean Sea and South Italy. 
The medal was awarded to the members of the Hellenic Armed Forces 
who partcipated in the respective campaigns after the capitulation of 
Elements of the Hellenic Armed Forces, several thousands of Army 
personnel, the majority of the Fleet and the remaining airplanes 
escaped to Turkey or were evacuated to Egypt, after the capitulation 
of the Continental Greece and the battle of Crete respectively. 
At the British controlled Middle East the Hellenic Armed Forces were 
reorganized and reequipped (with British assistance) while more 
personnel either from Greece or from the existing Greek population in 
Egypt joined their ranks. 
Soon the Hellenic Armed Forces of the Middle East were able to form 
2 Brigades and  a Special Forces Unit (Sacred Band or Sacred Company 
in Greek) attached to 1st SAS. 
The Hellenic Royal Navy with 44 ships and over 8,500 men, became the 
2nd largest Allied Navy in the Mediterranean after the RN, accounting for 
80% of all non-RN operations. 
The Hellenic Royal Air Force formed 3 Squadrons (the 335 and 336 Fighter 
Squadrons - equipped with Hurricanes and later with Spitfires - and the 
13th Naval Cooperation Squadron which operated with Blenheims and 
later with Batimores).

The Hellenic Armed Forces participated to the Battle of El Alamein, to the 
Operations for Liberation of several Greek islands of the Aegean Sea after 
the capitulation of Italy,  to the operation in Sicily and South Italy while 
several ships of the Hellenic Royal Navy supported the landing on D-Day, 
in Normandy.


WW2 1939 - 1945

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