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Austria Hungary WW1 Imperial Royal Aviation Troops Patriotic Badge KuK Army Air Force Austro-Hungarian WWI 1914 1918 Great War


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Austro - Hungarian Empire: Patriotic WW1 buttonhole badge for the 
support of the Imperial and Royal (KuK) Aviation Troops of the 
Austro-Hungarian Army (KuKLFT).
The Imperial and Royal (KuK) Aviation Troops were established in 
1893 as a balloon corps.
It was re-organized in 1912 under the command of Major Emil Uzelac 
and remained under his command until the end of WW1 in 1918. 
The KuKLFT saw combat action mainly on the Eastern Front and Italian 
Front. Its aircraft were either domestically built or imported from 
Germany (main types: Lohner, Albatros, Aviatik, Lloyd, Fokker, Knoller, 
Hansa-Brandenburg, Oeffag, Phoenix, Ufag and Etrich Taube).
Notable is that while a total of 5431 aircraft had been produced for 
the KuKLFT during the 4 years of WW1,
its strength had peaked at only 550 operational aircraft, despite having 
4 fronts to cover.
A rare badge.

WW1 1914 1918

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